Project Description Owner Last Change
c/cricket-dsp.git TI DSP code for the Cricket ultrasound multilateration system dherring 10 years ago
c/linalg.git A simple linear algebra library dherring 10 years ago
lisp/able.git ABLE Lisp editor dherring No commits
lisp/alamo.git beginnings of a simple OpenGL game dherring 8 years ago
lisp/cltl2.git Modernized version of dherring 8 years ago
lisp/convex-groups.git Code for finding convex groups in an image, based on code by David Jacobs at http... dherring 6 years ago
lisp/dwarf.git Read Dwarf debug information using libdwarf dherring 6 years ago
lisp/ebnf-parser.git ISO-14977 recursive descent parser dherring 4 years ago
lisp/hdf5.git CFFI bindings to the HDF5 library dherring 5 years ago
lisp/ltk.git based on LTK's repo at dherring No commits
lisp/mini-cas.git a MINImal Computer Algebra System dherring 6 years ago
lisp/package-aliases.git simple system for having p:name expand to package:name dherring 5 years ago
lisp/read-macros.git dherring 8 years ago
lisp/scribble.git A CL reader for the Racket Scribble syntax dherring 7 years ago
lisp/simple-game.git rough draft of some simple games dherring 7 years ago
lisp/sundials.git CFFI Lisp bindings for dherring 5 years ago
misc/wwwsrc.git Partial sources for my websites dherring 5 years ago
qt/androarm.git OpenGL Denavit-Hartenberg robot arm visualization dherring 6 years ago
qt/compvision.git Camera capture and UDP streaming dherring 10 years ago
qt/qtcomm.git A qextserialport widget dherring 10 years ago
qt/qutefig.git Xfig-style Qt app dherring 4 years ago