somewhat improved C++ lexing
[lisp/ebnf-parser.git] / parser.lisp
2012-01-02 D Herringminor cleanup
2007-04-02 D HerringImproved correctness of kleene*
2007-04-01 D HerringAnother fix for calling rules from EBNF text.
2007-04-01 D HerringFix for calling rules from EBNF text.
2007-04-01 D HerringImproved correctness of grammar-optional
2007-04-01 D Herringwhitespace
2007-04-01 D HerringMinor code reorganization
2007-04-01 D HerringAdded copyright information
2007-03-28 D HerringImproved syntax-printing
2007-03-13 D HerringA couple fixes
2007-03-12 D HerringBugfixes to debug/trace macro
2007-03-11 D HerringStarted adding a debug/trace mechanism
2007-03-11 D HerringFixed some exports
2007-03-11 D HerringDeclared a new package.
2007-03-11 D HerringMinor style tweak
2007-03-10 D HerringAdded a character-table rule
2007-03-10 D HerringAdded a character-match rule
2007-03-10 D HerringReorganized the code and added documentation.
2007-03-10 D HerringRolled match-n into grammar-n; also fixed single-charac...
2007-03-10 D HerringFix for empty strings.
2007-03-10 D HerringSmall optimization for single-character rules
2007-03-10 D HerringSeparated the examples into their own files.
2007-03-10 D HerringAdded a simple process-action mechanism
2007-03-10 D HerringGrammar macros now uniformly process functions and...
2007-03-10 D HerringMore rules, examples, and macros.
2007-03-08 D HerringAdded an example
2007-03-08 D HerringAdded an 'exception' macro
2007-03-08 D HerringAdded 'and' and '*' macros
2007-03-08 D HerringRemoved unnecessary flag from the return values
2007-03-08 D HerringBeginnings of a useful EBNF parser