descriptionCamera capture and UDP streaming
last changeWed, 26 Apr 2006 20:23:03 +0000 (20:23 +0000)
2006-04-26 dherringFixed NetSend so it can be used in debug mode. master
2006-04-24 dherringChanged the default serial port to COM2.
2006-04-12 dherringMakefile had wrong include path for qextserialport...
2006-04-06 dherringAdded qtcomm as an external respository to use.
2006-04-06 dherringAdded support for uploading pictures from the DSP over...
2006-04-05 dherringFixed image loading (with snap).
2006-04-05 dherringStarted fixing actionLoad to use ImagePool. Still...
2006-04-03 dherringAdding a second frame sped up the processing. No probl...
2006-04-03 dherringBumped up the speed to achieve 30fps capture.
2006-04-03 dherringUpdated NetReceive for the new threading model.
2006-03-31 dherringAdded an fps counter.
2006-03-31 dherringFixed for new threading model.
2006-03-31 dherringReimplemented image processing
2006-03-29 dherringFixed NetSend.
2006-03-29 dherringNew threading model.
2006-03-14 dherringMainWindow.cpp : Used Qt's copy-on-write to protect...
12 years ago master